The Daedalus Education Newsletter is a great way to keep track of what's going on at Daedalus, and in Dallas Metroplex educational community. Note that at least parent or guardian of each student must enroll in the Daedalus Education Newsletter as this is our best method for making important announcements. We plan to publish the newsletter around once per month, but in the event of a class cancellation (due to instructor illness or severe weather), we may use the newsletter mailing list to quickly communicate with families.

The Daedalus Newsletter includes:

  • Daedalus Education class schedules
  • Announcements for new resources at
  • Bragging about the accomplishments of our students! (We celebrate many aspects of achievement.)
  • Information about events in the Dallas Metroplex area about which our students might be interested.
  • Information about academic competitions.
  • Articles or artwork produced by Daedalus Education faculty, students, or parents. We would love for you to contribute!
  • Whatever else we can think of that benefits the Daedalus Education community.

How to Subscribe

Sign up for the Daedalus Education Newsletter -- It's free to sign up and you can receive information about Daedalus Education and other programs beneficial to talented and motivated Dallas Metroplex area students.

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